Monday, August 8, 2011

New information

So today I had to call and find out the status of my account. First person I spoke with (after fighting through the automated system for five minutes, only to have it hang up on me) told me I only owed one month's payment. She also told me I have a "special" account and had to speak with a certain department. When I asked what that meant, she said it was a "Pay Options" account. I explained that no one had ever told me my account was "special" before.

I write this only because it's yet another example of, though my mortgage is 11 years old, how BofA is so vastly overcomplicated with layers and layers of unnecessary bureaucracy, it has absolutely no idea what it's really doing.

Made it through to the "special" department, where I was told that I only owe for one month.


So how come I received an "Intent to Accelerate" letter?

Asked to be transferred to the Home Retention Department.

And they hung up on me again.


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