Thursday, August 4, 2011

Share your story

Yes, the point of this blog will be to help me save my home, where I live with my two young children, my sister and my elderly, veteran father. Oh, and six cats, two dogs, a pet rat and some fish. But ultimately I of course want to make some kind of difference for someone.

I know you're out there -- scores of you, all having gone through the same shit from Bank of America (hereafter referred to as either Bank of Assholes or BofA, always remembering that A stands for Assholes and not America. Because America is suppose to be better than this. The American Dream, after all, is home ownership.) I have read so many horror stories all over the Web. What I want now is resolution. Accountability.

Bank of Assholes must pay.

I want to hear your stories. You can leave anonymous posts.* You can e-mail me. You can send me advice.

I will not exploit you.

What I will do, as I relate my own experience, is also tell your story.

*I reserve the right to delete and block spammers, trolls and various idiots who have nothing better to do than sit home in dirty wife-beaters, with a Coors in one hand and their dick in the other.

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