Sunday, August 14, 2011

Your future is calling

Have I mentioned yet how often BofA calls? Here is another thing I can document. Because it's part of my phone record, that fucking 800-669 message.

Do you know why I don't answer? Because what would be the point?

I have answered often in the past. The computer-generated message first tells me (doesn't ASK me, though it has called) to wait. Then I am asked to verify my account information.

Um. WTF are you to robodial me (sorry, but I guess automation is cheaper than wage-raping Third-World countries) and THEN demand *I* provide YOU with information?

Yeah. That would be why I don't answer your repeat phone harassment.

And I know I could block you.

But some part of me still believes in responsibility and accountability. This is MY house, I WILL pay for it.

Except ...

I won't be wage- or any other kind of raped without first scratching your balls off.

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